So the most exciting sea-life-related event in Moyo Island’s recent history* and I walk straight past it without nary a second glance. It happened on our first evening, as we were walking to the sunset fishing trip that you will have been bored senseless about previously (unless you’re reading this in the order they appear on my site which is entirely logical but ends up being anti-chronological… go figure… blame WordPress not me) and there were a crowd of the hotel beach staff crowded round a bucket, staring intently inside. Adam checked it out and told me about it later, but casually. ‘It was an extremely venomous octopus. It’s a big deal. They released it.’

It’s only NOW: RIGHT NOW: that I find out it was the OCTOPUSSY OCTOPUS. The Blue Ringed Octopus. It’s about the worst death you can imagine: paralysis (with total crystal-clear consciousness of your condition) followed by suffocation (due to diaphragmatic paralysis) then death (‘Stupid deaths! Stupid deaths!’) Here’s a link for you to read more:


Anyway. I missed it. So there you go. Guaranteed that the next time I encounter the classy mofo will be a split second before it stings me. AND THERE IS NO ANTI-VENOM.

*No proof of this but go with me.

Planet-Potter-Sky Blue-Small

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