Day 7 – Dance, Monkey Boy, Dance

Day 7 was another day of rest. I know, right? Makes us look like LAZY PAMPERED RICH TOURISTS rather than the titans of exploration that we are.

Anyhow, it was probably one of the best days (shhh, don’t tell Buddha) as we basically out-larked the monkeys, who decided to join us round the pool in the late afternoon for a drink and a jape.

Then early evening was horse riding again. While John set off to drive the golf cart round the resort, the boys and Alice did the same on horseback.

Then in the PM the hotel organised a private BBQ in a clearing in the bowl with dancers, drummers, fire-eaters and about 8 different types of meat, all rejected by King John as a bad job.

Here’s the pics, in reverse order of chronology (basically because I can’t work out how to edit it without having to start again and I’m already about to chuck my laptop out the window with frustration at how technologically retarded I am):

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