Day 3 – Easy Street, Ulagalla

Cazenove & Loyd – travel agents to the stars* – put together our itinerary and on Day 3, they built in a day of rest and, lo! It was taken. We dossed around the pool, rode horses, swung swings and myself and Adam ate curry for each meal, including tiny curries for snacks.

I snapped the above shot at breakfast and it’s already in the Knight Hall of Fame. I took the rest of the day off as a reward for my hard work.

Apart from, that is, the 1.5 miles that I jogged at dusk. I think I’m fit until I try some ‘keep fit’. Then I realise that the ‘keep’ bit is misleading. When you finally get round to doing some ‘keeping’ you find that you have to start the ‘fit’ bit all over again. It’s also, like, lots of degrees, even at dusk and it feels a bit like running through soup wearing lead knickers.

Speaking of knickers, I think you’ve probably gathered by now that this isn’t one of those ‘useful’ blogs with tips for people travelling with kids, or in Sri Lanka, or with husbands. I decided against that kind of ‘valuable travel advice’ style of blogging because it’s just TOO DAMN USEFUL. Also, I couldn’t organise my way out of a suitcase so I’m not best placed to do it. However I’ll proffer this: along with a credit card and a passport, the only extra things you need to travel as a mum with kids are iPads (work out how many by counting your children and buying that many iPads) and knickers (count how many days you will be away and either bring that many or buy a bar of soap).

*For example, they once organised a safari for the lead singer of Shalamar.

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